Justine A. Lemos
PO Box 944

Mendocino, CA 95460

707-485-4439 (mobile) or 707-964-9347 (land)

Email: justinelemos@gmail.com






Ph.D. Cultural Anthropology, UC Riverside, 2009

M.A. (with distinction) Anthropology, UC Riverside, 2005

M.A. (with honor) Dance Studies, Mills College, Oakland, CA, 2003


B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies, Hampshire College, Amherst, MA, 1999


Ayurvedic Practitioner 2010

Ayurvedic Spiritual Counseling 2011

Jyotish with Komilla Sutton 2016

Certificate in Malayalam Language, Institute for Indian Studies, Trivandrum India, 2005

Certificate in Mohiniyattam Dance, Kerala Kalamandalam, India 2004

200-hour Certificate in Yoga Teaching and Practice, KRI, 2007

300-hour Certificate in Hatha Yoga Teaching and Practice, Western Yoga College, 2011

Experience 500 Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance, 2011

(500 hours training, 2000 hours teaching experience)


Adjunct Faculty

Mira Costa College, Oceanside, CA, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012- present

  • World Dance and Cultures (live and on-line courses)

  • Introduction to Cultural Anthropology


Founder and Director of “At One Yoga,” Fort Bragg, CA, 2011-present


  • Founded and directed two  financially stable yoga and dance studios in Fort Bragg, CA


Associate Faculty at Western Yoga College, 2011-2012


  • Featured teacher of classical Indian dance and yoga philosophy at yoga teacher training programs

Lecturer, Department of Global Studies, UC Riverside, CA 2009-2010

  • Introduction to Global Studies


Associate Faculty

Saddleback College, Mission Viejo, CA, 2010

  • Introduction to Cultural Anthropology


Professional Dancer and Dance Teacher


Nataraj Dance Company, 1996-Present

  • Danced in numerous international productions as a guest artist. Acted as assistant choreographer, dance instructor and consultant for major productions under the direction of Guru Ranjanaa Devi. Taught creative dance for children and adults.


Dissertation Fellow

American Association of University Women, Aliso Viejo, CA, 2008-2009

  • Wrote dissertation titled: “Transforming Lasya: Women Dancing Kerala.” Spoke at conferences and prepared papers for publication.


Research Fellow

American Institute for Indian Studies, Ernakulam, Kerala, India, 2007-2008

  • Completed ethnographic, archival and oral history fieldwork for the dissertation.

  • Studied dance daily at Nryitha Shetra dance school in Cochin, India.

  • Taught dance at Mudra Center for Dance in Cochin, India.

  • Developed new modern dance choreography with the Mudra dancers.


Adjunct Professor: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Mt. San Jacinto Community College, Menifee, CA, 2006-2007

  • Prepared syllabi, readings and lectures. Held office hours (in-person and on-line). Provided academic counseling for students.

  • Gave lectures and fostered discussions in class. Assigned and graded papers. Prepared, administered and graded tests. Held on-line discussions/ chat sessions about course material. Used “ilearn” for added student interactions and discussions regarding assigned readings.


Research Assistant/ Course Developer with Dr. Sutherland

Department of Anthropology, University of California, Riverside, 2006-2007

  • Grant Writing, course assistance, historical research, writing, course material preparation.


Teaching Associate: Organizations as Cultural Systems

Departments of Anthropology and Business, University of California, Riverside, Summer 2006

  • Prepared syllabi, readings and lectures. Held office hours. Provided academic counseling for students. Gave lectures and fostered discussions in class. Designed, assigned and graded papers and exams.


Dance and Yoga Instructor

Inland Yoga, Riverside, CA 2005-2007

  • Taught Middle Eastern Dance.

  • Taught beginning classical Indian dance.

  • Taught yoga

  • Taught anatomy and kinesiology for yoga students and teachers.


Teaching Assistant: Cultural Anthropology, Sociology, Anthropology of Immigration

Departments of Anthropology and Sociology, University of California, Riverside, 2005-2007

  • Held office hours. Provided academic counseling for students. Gave lectures and fostered discussions in class. Graded papers. Prepared, administered and graded tests.


Instructor: Classical Indian Dance Theory and Technique (non-credit course)

Mills College, Oakland, CA, 2001-2003

  • Taught classical Indian dance technique and theory. Prepared readings, and course lesson plans.


Assistant to the Director

Asian Arts and Cultures Program, Fine Arts Center


University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA, 1999-2000

  • Marketing and publicity, grant writing and development for a world-renowned arts program at University of Massachusetts, Amherst.


Instructor: Dance and Cultures, Modern Dance

Amherst Regional High School, Amherst, MA 1999-2001

  • Developed curriculum and taught a program of world dance and modern dance for grades 9-12.



Global Studies II, UC Riverside, CA

World Dance Cultures, Mira Costa College, CA (Live and On-Line Courses)

Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, Mira Costa College, CA

Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, Saddleback College, CA

Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, Mt. San Jacinto College, CA

Organizations at Cultural Systems, (Teaching Associate in Anthropology), UC Riverside, CA

CHASS Interdisciplinary Course on Immigration, UC Riverside, CA (Teaching Assistant)

Introduction to Sociology, UC Riverside, CA (Teaching Assistant)

Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, UC Riverside, CA (Teaching Assistant)

Introduction to Classical Indian Dance, Mills College, CA (Non-Credit course)



Name: Transforming Lasya

Funding Agency: American Association of University Women

Role: Dissertation Fellow

Dates: 2008-2009

Name: Women's Dance in Kerala: An Exploration of Lasya

Funding Agency: American Institute for Indian Studies Dissertation Research Fellowship

Role Principle Investigator

Dates: 2007-2008


Name: Yatra: Journey Through Indian Dance and Music

Funding Agency: Gluck Foundation for the Arts

Role: Performer, Lecturer

Dates: 2005-2006, 2006-2007, and 2008-2009


Name: Malayalam Studies

Funding Agency: American Institute for Indian Studies Summer Research

Role: Fellow

Dates: Summer 2005


Name: Dean’s Fellowship

Funding Agency: University of California, Riverside

Role: Graduate Student

Dates: 2003-2004, 2007-2008


Name: Study of Mohiniyattam Dance

Funding Agency: Fulbright Research Fellowship

Role: Research Fellow

Dates: 2003-2004



Lemos, Justine and Mark Wright.  "Embodied Signs: Gesture, Posture, and Movement in Maya Dance." Journal of Mesoamerican Studies. To be published 2017.

Lemos, Justine. "Unraveling Mohiniyattam's 'Outlaw'." In Liberal Arts Lore. Lexington Books. Forthcoming 2015.

Lemos, Justine. Radical recreation; Non-Iconic Movements of Tradition in Keralite Classical Dance. Semiotic Inquiry. Special Issue: Semiotics in Anthropology Today. 2015.


Lemos, Justine. "Rituals and Stories in Dance: Embodying a Living Tradition In India." Invited presentation at Asian Arts and Culture Program, Spirit and Soul Dialogues. February 2013

Lemos, Justine. “(Re)creation of an “Abominable” Institution: The Genesis of 20th Century Mohiniyattam Dance” invited lecture at Hampshire College February 2013.

Lemos, Justine. Rituals and Stories in Dance: Embodying a Living Tradition In India. Presented at Asian Arts and Culture Program Spirit and Soul Dialogues February 2013.

Lemos, Justine. “(Re)creation of an “Abominable” Institution: The Genesis of 20th Century Mohiniyattam Dance” presented at the Congress on Research in Dance 2012 Conference.

Lemos, Justine. “Inquiries into the Theory and Method of “Embodied Bracketing.” Paper  presented at the Congress on Research in Dance and Society for Ethnomusicology “Moving Music/ Sounding Dance,” Joint Conference, 2011.

Lemos, Justine.  Lessons in "God's Own Country": Living, Dancing and Learning in Kerala" IN Beyond Boundaries: Reflections of Indian and U.S. Scholars. Zeeshan-ul-hassan Usmani (Editor), Nibir K Ghosh (Editor). USEFI: 2007.

Lemos, Justine. “Mohiniyattam: The Epitome of Lasya.” MOMM: Monthly Dance Magazine, Vol. 135, February 2006. ChangMu Arts Center, Seoul, Korea.

Lemos, Justine. “Fusion and Confusion” Inside Arts, Washington, DC, 2003.

Lemos, Justine. “A Lesson in Religious Diversity from God’s Own Country”

Asian Voices from Afar an On-Line Publication from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst 2003.

Lemos, Justine. “Teaching World Dance.” Dance and the Child International Newsletter. 2000.

Guest Lecture: “Performing Tourism in ‘God’s Own Country.’”

Department of Global Studies

UC Riverside, CA 2008.

Guest Lecture: "Bayaderes and Devadasis: Indian Dancers on the 19th Century Stage."

Five College Dance Department and Asian Arts and Culture Program

Amherst, MA, 2007.

Guest Lecture. “Classical Indian Music and Dance.” University of California, Riverside, 2006.

Guest Lecture. "Contextualizing the Anthropology of Asian Performance." Hampshire College, Massachusetts, 2006.

Guest Performance and Lecture: Benefit for Children in South Asia. Colorado College, Colorado, 2006.

Guest Lecture. “Bhaki and Kala: Classical Indian Dance.” Hampshire College, 2005.

Guest Performance. “Mohiniyattam: Kalamandalam Style.” Benefit for South Asian Children’s Fund. Colorado College, 2004.



Flowers at the Altar, Amherst, MA 2017.

Devotion. Mt Holyoke College, MA 2016.

Divali. Mendocino, CA 2015.

Basant, University of Massachusetts, Amherst 2012

Anjali Mendocino, CA 2012

Mudra: The Gesture Speaks 2007

Festival of Lights, venues in New Hampshire, Massachusetts. 2005-2009

Nataraj Dancers Performance, Colorado College 2006

A Benefit for South Asian Children, Colorado College with Namrita Singh 2005

Yatra. Presented by the Mendocino Art Center, Mendocino, CA. 2004

Performances in Kerala, India. 2003-2004


Featured soloist at United State Education Foundation Day, New Delhi, India 2004

Anjali, Hosei University, Tokyo, Japan 2002

Footprints in the Dust, Nataraj Dance Co., Northampton Center for the Arts, MA 2002

Alankara: The Art of Adornment in Classical Dance. Mills College, CA.   2002

Batu Nritrya. Sanskriti Kala Kendra, New Delhi, India 2001

Darshan, Mills College, CA 2001

Hampshire College Alumni Concert, Amherst, MA. 2000

In Praise of Tara. University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA. 1999, 2001

The Spider and the Buddha, Guest Artist with Sha Sha Higby, Amherst, MA 1999

Meeting at the Dream. Hampshire College, Amherst, MA 1999



Poems of Mirabai assisted Ranjanaa Devi with choreography 2012

Dengue Fever, Ernakulam, Kerala, India 2008

Devi, with the Mudra Dancers, Kerala, India 2007

Heart Seeds, with Diamond Mountain Dancers, Arizona 2005

Anjali, Mills College, CA 2003

Rice Ritual, Featured in “Studio One Night,” Mills College, CA 2002


In the Temple of My Heart

Featured in “Call of the Spirit,” Amherst High, MA 1999

Also featured in “Mela", Northampton Center for the Arts, MA 1999

to Spiral…

Featured in “Meeting at the Dream,” Hampshire College, MA 1999

Mavi Pinar

Featured in “Winter Dance Concert,” Hampshire College, MA   1998



Classical Indian Dance and Theatre Techniques: 16 years of intensive training with Prof. Ranjanaa Devi, Artistic Director of Nataraj Dance Co.

Mohiniyattam Dance training at Kerala Kalamandalam, 2003-04 and at Nriytha Shetra, 2007-2008

Ballet: 14 years of Classical Ballet training

Modern: 6 years of Modern Training in several styles including Graham and Taylor techniques.

Laban Movement Analysis and Notation training at Mills College and UCR.

Jazz: 6 years of training in eclectic styles


Other dance forms studied:

Chauu Dance Intensive with Bhomi Keshwarsingh in New Delhi. Balinese Legong Dance Intensive at Foundation for Pure Art in Ubud, Bali. Middle Eastern Dance. Yoga. Contact Improvisation. Caribbean Dance with Prof. Yvonne Daniel. Brazilian Dance. Javanese Dance. Butoh. Tai Chi. Afro-Haitian Dunham Technique. Flamenco Technique. Qui Gong Training. Salsa Dance Technique. Swing Dance Technique. Samba Dance Technique.


President of Sustainable UCR 2006-2007

Sustainable UCR is a coalition of students, faculty, and staff working to implement sustainable practices on the UC Riverside campus.

  • Member of Chancellor's Committee on Sustainability. Chaired Academic Sub-Committee for Sustainability. Jobs search committee member for Sustainability Manager & Campus Architect positions. Worked on Sustainable Citrus Project. Worked on campus Bio-Diesel Project. Improved Campus Recycling. Managed Student Sustainable UCR Group, and chaired meetings. Chaired Campus Farmer's Market Committee.


Vice President of Sustainable UCR 2005-2006

  • Was an integral force in getting the Chancellor's Committee on Sustainability ratified by the University. Vegetable Oil Fuel Systems Demonstration. Managed Student Group.


Congress on Research in Dance 2010- Present

Yoga Alliance 2011- Present

American Anthropologists Association 2005-2007

daCi- Dance and the Child International 1999-2001

National Organization of Dance Educators 1999-2001




Dr. Sally Ness, Department of Anthropology

University of California, Riverside

(951) 827-6452



Professor Miriam Phillips

School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies

University of Maryland

(301) 405-4691



Professor Ranjanaa Devi, Asian Arts and Culture Program

University of Massachusetts, Amherst

(413) 545-1980



Dr. Christina Schwenkel

Department of Anthropology

University of California, Riverside

(951) 827-5523



Dr. Anne Sutherland,

Director of Interdisciplinary Studies (Emeritus)

Departments of Global Studies and Anthropology

University of California, Riverside

(951) 827-2466