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After Justine’s attentive questions, feeling of my pulses, and intuitive observation, she prescribed for me a blend of herbs and suggestions for my diet that allow me to sleep through the night without my previous fire-y constitution waking me up. Her blend of humor, humility and inquiry are a powerful combination - her very manner is one that promotes healthfulness. I have had private consultations with Justine, and have attended workshops on Ayurveda; I always learn things that are useful and applicable to my daily life, and am continually disarmed by her warmth and kindness.
— M.R.S.
My experience with Justine as my Ayurvedic practitioner far exceeded any expectation I may have had. She is exceptionally knowledgeable, and has a natural gift of sharing information in a way that is easy to understand & simple to apply. Within a week of my thorough consultation with Justine I was experiencing marked & measurable improvements with the issues I was struggling with. I applied her suggestions as well as other lifestyle changes. My life will never be the same & that is for the better! Thanks Justine
— C.A.
Justine is an attentive and insightful practitioner. The depth and breadth of her studies of Indian culture- yoga asana, health, esoteric, and practical sources all inform her practice. She has a compassionate manner, and is generous with her time and knowledge. All of these things combine to make Justine an extraordinary resource. I am exceedingly grateful for her help.
— J.S.