Your Perfect Cleanse

Your Perfect Cleanse

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I am offering an opportunity for a guided and personalized Ayurvedic cleanse!

You can choose your own dates for the cleanse but it is nice to have three weeks to complete it. 

Includes a custom cleanse kit and an individual Ayurvedic consult. 

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One day of the cleanse (during the second week) you will need to be at home taking rest with no obligations.

What does it include:

1. A personalized assessment as to whether you actually need to cleanse. This is determined via pulse (if present in- person) and/or tongue assessment. This can be done online at a distance. If we determine that now is not a good time for the cleansewe will then determine what you need to do instead of cleansing!

2. A week of guided  preparation for the cleanse ~ this will be offered via a group meeting via online video as well as online materials and documents (all recorded if you can't make it)

3. An individually planned week-long cleanse, which depending upon your constitution and/or imbalances will allow the body to gently purge toxins. We will discuss your personalized cleanse in our initial assessment. The cleanse may use aloe, prunes, castor oil or other methods in addition to specific dietary guidelines to remove ama (metabolic waste).

4. A cleanse kit including, kitcharee, ghee, spice mixtures, body oils, and herbs (as needed)

5. A week of guidance following the cleanse to rekindle digestive fire ~ this will be offered via a group meeting online (recorded if you can't make it)



~an initial consult to determine:

1. if cleansing is right for you and
2. what type of cleanse you should do


Week 1: Ama reducing diet, remove caffeine and alcohol

Week 2: Kitchadi diet followed by cleanse on Saturday of this week.

Week 3: Gentle diet. Incorporate appropriate spices to rekindle digestion. Reincorporate rejuvinatize herbs

Who this cleanse may be appropriate for:

~ healthy individuals with plenty of energy

Who this cleanse may not be appropriate for:

nursing mothers, pregnant mothers, anyone on medications, anyone who is suffering from weakness or lack of sleep

After our initial assessment I will tell you honestly if this process is correct for your physiology. 

Everyone's cleanse will be invidually crafted for your physiology as per the guidelines of traditional Ayurveda.