Find Your Path with Dr. Justine




A complete Ayurvedic wellness assessment conducted by Dr. Justine Lemos via Zoom or in person. 

This consult will allow you to have a more complete understanding of what is driving your health imbalances. 
Includes analysis of tongue, pulses and Vedic astrological chart.
This initial appointment will determine specific wellness goals and will chart a course towards meeting wellness goals in collaboration with Dr. Lemos.

The scope of recommendations may include:
~ Ayurvedic herbs and oils
~ Lifestyle adjustments
~ Nutritional recommendations
~ Ayurvedic Spiritual Mentoring
~ Essential Oils
~ Yoga Therapies


One on one with Dr. Lemos

Change physical & emotional patterns to move into new states of embodied awareness and emotional flow.  
Change unhealthy, chronic, eating habits.
Shift patterns of self-sabotage. 
Remedy sleep imbalances.
Fix digestive pain, bloating and "food intolerances." 
Alleviate stress & negative thinking.
Shift limiting belief patterns. 

2109 Cleanse Program

You've tried fad diets: gluten free, paleo, low-carb, South Beach and nothing has really worked in the long term.  

This course uses the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda to gently cleanse the whole body to set the stage for your ideal weight and optimal health.  

The entire program is infused with self love and self-nurturance.  

Course Includes:  

A before-cleanse consult with Dr. Justine Lemos

A personalized cleanse plan

Support throughout your cleanse  

How to listen to the body's intuitive wisdom to shape diet

How cravings develop and what they are telling us

How to understand ideal weight from an Ayurvedic perspective

How stress is a huge factor in weight gain (and what to do about it)