Radiance Manifestation Academy

with Dr. Justine Lemos

Starts SEPTEMBER 2018
Alchemy, Intuition, Transformation

Claim the Bliss that is your Birthright.

Enter the crucible of transformation;
A sacred container for women who are seeking to transform their lives; 
to go beyond the mundane;
to embrace their wildest dreams and aspirations;
to live beyond limiting beliefs;

to live in the energy of the Goddess. 

Transform your relationship to money;
to sex and partnership;
to your shadows & fears;
to consciousness itself


Module One: Reveal your Radiance
Transform your relationship to beauty, sex, abundance, partnership & wealth. 
Move out of stuck-ness into flow.
Find abundance where there was lack.
Create deep lasting gratitude. 
Cultivate abundant energy.


Module Two: Embrace your Shadow
Neutralize the negative mind & live stress free.
Shift out of chronic stress and negative thought patterning that limits our potential.
Transform the deepest shadows that are covering your most radiance and light. 
Get clean, inside & out with a personalized Ayurvedic cleanse. 


Module Three: Encounter your True Self & Live in Authentic Alignment: 
Find the Self that is most truthful. 
Connect with your intuition, guides, and helpers to find a new way of being in the world. 
Harness the power of living in alignment with your highest nature. 
Find glowing, radiant, wellness.




This 3-month elite mentoring program with Dr. Justine Lemos harnesses the ancient techniques of mantra, movement and mudra (sacred seals), sacred geometry and Ayurveda to manifest massive change in abundance, relationship, wellness and authentic living. 

Dive into the deepest parts of yourself and integrate your shadow and our light.

Join a dedicated sisterhood of women on the pathway to radical actualization.


  • 3 months of live weekly group online calls (all recorded) with Dr. Justine Lemos (Value $1200)
  • An initial 1 hour consult with Dr. Lemos to chart your personal goals for the program (Value $208)
  • Personalized recommendations, mentoring and accountability (Value $777)
  • Personalized cleanse plans (as needed) (Value $508)


  • Access to Dr. Lemos' Abundant Energy Via Ayurveda Course (Value $308)
  • 3 months of access to Dr. Justine Lemos' archive of online yoga classes and teachings (value $108)
  • Mentoring Call with Intuitive Energy Healer Kara Potts (Value $308)
  • Vedic Astrology Guidance (Value $308)
  • Access to Dr. Lemos' online Chakra Radiance Course (Value $308)
  • Access to Dr. Lemos' online Enlightened Nutrition Course (Value $308)

Investment for 3 Months of Radiance Manifestation:

$555 (payed in full) or 3 monthly payments of $222.